Where it all begins...

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth;

not going all the way, and not starting. – Buddha


   This is where it all begins.  I am starting this blog to coincide with my photography to enlighten the behind the scenes on how things work. This blog is in no way a replacement for the many voices of authority in the photography world, simply another perspective and hopefully a view you have been looking for. 


     My name is Jonathon Walters and I am 27 years old. I am a photographer that has a simply complex mantra, “Capture the Experience”. It’s simple as taking a picture, but as complex as freezing a moment in a single frame that explains everything going on. I have been in graphics and design since 2004 when I started some of my first projects. I did exceptionally well in almost all aspects of the college portion of my adventure except one course. This lone class managed to consume not only 3 hours of my evening; it also ate away at my confidence in becoming an artist, causing me to steer away for almost a decade. I failed this course three times and was dropped from the program.  You may be thinking, “It must have been physics, calculus, or organic chemistry, right?” Nope. Drawing 101.

     My artistic visions flow like a raging torrent through my mind. I see possibility for art in everything that comes into my presence. It is the pathway from brain to pencil where the vision was lost in translation. I would imagine a beautiful bowl of fruit tapered with lace of the most intricate picots and most elegant of presence. However, be it the A.D.D. or the pure lack of talent, when the graphite met the unscathed Bristol pad, absolute chaos ensued. The fruit that had one graced my mind was now displayed in smudged streaks and random fingerprints. The shapes were horrendous and slightly resembled a drunken game of Pictionary, on the losing team at that.  However my shading…was just as bad. There was little hope to me ever successfully completing this class. As the saying goes, “If first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” To me that was a max of three attempts. I didn’t have to quit college though, luckily I was asked to not attend anymore. Being dropped from the program, I went onto other ventures. 


     I pursued a career in food that was of the fast nature. I wasn’t cut out for that and 4 years later left. I jumped into a career of technology in the cellular industry. It got stale in that creative projects were few and far between and after 7 years, I decided to leave that industry as well. After leaving that job I got hurting for money. I decided to sell one of my guitars. I put it up on Craigslist and opportunity answered the ad. That opportunity was a guy named Chris.  He had offered me a Nikon D3100 with a kit lens for it. Being the mature individual that I am and knowing I needed the money (not a camera I know nothing about), I quickly agreed before my wife could find out. I got that camera and from that second I instantly started taking amazing images...not. My first image of a sunset vs my most recent. 


    Now to get into the moral of this story, there are multiple avenues to discovering your passions. My passion is creating a piece of work that I can look at and relive the experience. For just a moment in time, I can feel the emotion attached with that instant. For instance, this image of Colt Ford reaching out to his fans. I initially thought it would be through drawing an image, but I was wrong. Not wrong in my emotion, but wrong in my medium.


     I now study photography and just love the language. I actively look for people to learn from in all outlets available and I highly recommend you do the same. I look for ways to sharpen my photography skills every day.  I look for skills that I didn’t even know were needed and try my hand at mastering them.  I am self taught in that I have studied thousands of hours watching videos online, going on shoots, reading countless books, using film cameras, all with trial and error.  My camera shutters click almost 20,000 times a month and most of those photos end up being given to the clients.


     My goal with this blog is to bring viewers insight into how a process works. How my mind specifically comes to the conclusions on where to go next.  I am going to share tons of information with viewers and be answering questions along the way. My goal is to the following:



·      Fill in gaps for new photographers by teaching the basics of photography.

o   ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture

§  This would explain each in detail and then how they work together with visual examples.

o   Gear

§  This would incorporate how lenses, bodies, and accessories are different.

§  It would set up processes to understand what to use in what situations.

§  I will be doing real world tests with all brands of gear and doing non-biased comparisons.

o   News

§  I will be doing updates of when important gear comes out in the photo world and giving my opinion with supported evidence and reasoning.

o   Live Online Classes

§  This would allow me to lead free online classes that allow participation and group input. We would work in smaller groups and make sure questions were answered and we left feeling more confident for our next shoot.


·      Information just beyond that of beginners, but still able to be understood by everyone.

o   When to move your hobby to a business.

§  This will include resources on how to start your photography business.

§  Tips for keeping your business legal.

§  Tips for keeping you protected legally.

§  Resources and links to get more information on updated business protocol.

§  Ideas to grow your business.

o   Advanced shooting

§  Advanced composition.

§  Tips and tricks on different looks

§  Settings

§  Manipulating light

§  Extended gear reviews


·      This is going to be more of a one on one shooting style.

o   This is going to give behind the scenes of my shoots.

§  This will include in depth reasoning of why I do what I do.

§  Include tips for contracts and wording.

§  Tips for speaking with potential clients

o   People skills beyond normal business growth.

o   Data analysis; Understanding how to use it to reach your next tier.

o   Coaching and critiquing for business and portfolios.


    My goal is to incorporate a way for you to reach out to someone who is going to answer. As I said before, I am not a one-stop shop for all information photography, but I hope to be a resource you take advantage of on this awesome journey into your hobby.

Please take a moment to leave a comment to introduce yourself, let us know where you are in your photography journey, your specializations, and what direction you would like to go. Feel free to also share you gear you use. 

Thank you for the support, 




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