Let Go Of Fear - My First Live Concert Photography Story

     What aspiring concert photographer doesn't dream of photographing their favorite artists?

     Getting autographs from your idols, hanging out in the dressing rooms sharing stories of how it all started and where it would all lead, getting tour managers anxious to hand you their business card because they want to see your work....These are all things that never happen in concert photography, well unless you get extremely lucky. Whether it really was luck that helped me accomplish these, persistence, preparation, or a beautiful combination of all three, I may never know. 

     Tons of amazing things happened due to knowing what I wanted and approaching it without fear; photographing a meet and greet for Charlie Daniels and him insisting I get a signed 8x10 to sitting back stage and watching Brad Gillis of Night Ranger (formally of Ozzy Osbourne) sitting on the arm of the couch doing some shredding warm-ups for the show. I even had several awesome tour managers tell me they couldn't wait to see my photos after viewing some others online and making sure I text them when they are done. The coolest thing from this series may be the personal emails from the frontman of a  band that sells millions of albums thanking me for the photos or that moment may even be tied with the 15 minute phone call I received from a tour manager. We went on talking about his past and how much he appreciate my work....it all didn't happen by accident. There were specific steps to making it happen and being professional so it could keep happening. 

     There was a moment when I had a choice on whether to go after this concert series or sit back and do nothing. I could either step up to the plate and take a chance or back down and fall to my fears of getting an answer I didn't want to hear. What is the worst that could happen? 

    What I have learned is that the only constant in the photography industry is that it changes. This video is encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and go after what you want.  You have an option to become complacent in your photography (or life in general) or you can grab it by the horns thinking, "If they say no, I am in no different position that when I started"...sometimes the tricky part is when they say, "YES!"

    I prepared for this huge 3 stage, 90 concert series by using an amazing book I accidentally found from Alan Hess, All Access: Your Backstage pass to Concert Photography. It covered every aspect of what I needed to make sure I was successful in this job all all of the ones since them. I want to thank him for that.

And now for the main event, sit back and enjoy the show!

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