Capture the Talk Podcast: Episode 1 : 5 Tips For Photography That Have Nothing To Do With Your Camera

      Keith and I sit back and have a conversation about the 5 Tips of beginners photography that have nothing to do with your camera. We break it down by the 5 "L's"

Look, Listen, Learn, Love, Let Go. 

These camera tips will get you on the path to THINK photography. It pulls the why's into the photography and we have a conversation on why we think the way we do. 

You will find out why Keith Got kicked out of his first concert photography with Collective Soul, how I handle bullies, and what exactly is perfection in art...


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Sigma Lenses

Entertainment and Teachers for photography mentioned. I highly recommend these resources for information. 

Alan Hess -  All Access : Your Backstage Pass to Concert Photography 

Jared Polin - Fro Knows Photo - Predominantly Nikon User

Tony and Chelsea Northrup - Predominantly Canon Users 

Intro Music used with permission from Sunsets North, "Goodbye Syndrome"

*This recording of our podcast is simply a conversation that shares our personal views and in no way reflects the opinions of any of the sponsors. 


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