Quick Tip: How to Combat Facebook Compression on Photos

     We have all been there. We got this new $1000 lens, persuaded someone to donate their baby for some practice photos, and process our photos in Lightroom to see we have some amazingly sharp shots. We go and proudly display on Facebook only to see it just got smooshed up and compressed into a pancake of a file. We could cry...or we can do this one small tip to beat the system. 

     While this doesn't STOP Facebook compression, it counteracts to some of its damaging effects. There are several examples out there such as long side to 2048 only and reducing image size. However, I am lazy and don't want to make 6 files of the same thing 1 for print, 1 for web, 1 with this, 1 with that....Here is a one stop tip that works tremendously for both web images and images I have printed for clients. This month alone I have printed over 500 individual prints, including canvas and have not had a single complaint on the quality. 

Step 1 - Take an image of the most amazing landscape in the world....in the event this isn't an option, borrowing your nephew will work just fine. 

Step 2 - Realize that the image needs to be sharp to share it with the world! (in camera is the first place to start on sharpness by gaining appropriate depth of field and focus. This will not fix those issues, this is only for in focus images that are soft on sharpness due to either lens quality to less than perfect light)

zoomed to 100% (exaggerated to show texture of unsharp photos)

zoomed to 100% (exaggerated to show texture of unsharp photos)

Step 3 - Open photo in photoshop


Step 5 - Go to Filter

Step 6 - Go to Sharpen

Step 7 - Choose Unsharp Mask

Step 8 - Zoom into some detail in the picture. Set threshold low and Radius less than 1 and adjust slider to where the image starts having some texture in the details. Click ok.

Step 9 - Save as....

Step 10 - Name, pick destination, and save format as Jpeg

Step 11 - Choose Quality of 10, Format Progressive scans 3, save (note--Your file size will most likely be bigger than this. This is an image I saved of an image I posted...so the size is about 1/4 of what it typically would be, therefore so is quality...full size images work the same way as this size image)

Step 12 - Enjoy your sharper Facebook image.



A reminder of no unsharp mask and same exact save settings. 

A reminder of no unsharp mask and same exact save settings. 

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Photo taken on Nikon D7100 and Nikon Af-s 50mm f/1.8