In the Office: Kevin Biggs of Adarose

     It took some convincing to get Kevin Biggs of Adarose to give his guitar strings the pink slip. He had been rocking another brand for more than a decade. Every show, every practice, he trusted another brand and telling him to put different strings on his guitar just didn't seem like an option. 

    I told him about these USA Handmade custom guitar strings by StringJoy and he got a little excited. He said he would try them out...but not on his main guitar just yet...we agreed.  We set up a Nikon D610 camera, (no professional microphones) just raw sound to get a feeling for these strings. Check it out...

Strung up! Let em hang and let's jam!

Strung up! Let em hang and let's jam!

     As you can see Kevin loved the strings and they held great tone and tune even seconds after initially tuning them. He will definitely be checking out more to string up his other guitars. 

  Stringjoy strings caught my attention because they donate back a portion of profit to help with musical education. That is what it is all bout and why we gave their strings a shot. They didn't disappoint. They are definitely worth checking out. 

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