Fall in Southern Illinois

     I just wanted to share this beautiful panoramic shot of Rend Lake. It was taken on Nikon D610 with a Nikon 80-200 2.8 lens. I shot 8 photos and stitched them all together. I shot at 200mm for the compression. The trees were several hundred yards away from the edge of the water and the only way to get them appear to be closer to the grass on the close side of the lake was to get a good compression by zooming all the way out. 

    It was a fairly simple process. I processed a single image in lightroom. Then I copies the image processing to the next 7 images. I exported to photoshop for Panoramic stitching and left on auto panoramic. 

    The whole process took minutes, but the computer thinking on how to process this monster 561 MB image took a little longer. 

    Click the image above to see it a bit larger than my website will allow me to upload. 

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Hope you enjoy the image and have a wonderful day!

Have a good one, 



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