Quick Edit: Collective Soul

     Long, long ago on a computer not so far away, I struggled to learn the secrets of processing and editing photos. I used to think editing photos was some amazing feat that only the best photographers in the world could accomplish with the most expensive software known to mankind. This is a barrier that seems to be fairly common with new photographers.

     I use programs that cost as little as $10 a month such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom5. Both of these programs and more are available to consumers in ala carte style now. I remember spending hundreds on the old master collections when I first started in graphic but luckily the companies have made the power of processing and editing at the fingertips of the many.  

     In this video I take an image I shot of Ed Roland, Singer of Collective Soul, and show you the editing process. This is an image Collective Soul shared in their social media resulting in over 40,000 hits on my website in 24 hours. I really like the message the image delivers and explain that through the video. When listening to their new album, "See What You Started By Continuing", I was instantly taken back to my teens when I rocked out to their original works. 

    This inspired me to capture an image that represented that feeling for me of having "December" or "Shine" blaring on my old school am/fm Dual Cassette Recorder with CD Player. In this image I can easily see Ed and Will throwback to the 1990's and doing what they do best. In this image I feel I captured the experience. 

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