Quick Edit: Why To Shoot Raw


     Congratulations, you have a new DSLR camera and you are ready to start shooting! You aren't a pro yet so jpeg is fine right? WRONG! Well, wrong if you want to have more breathing room for mistakes and overall more control over your final products. RAW is when you store images exactly as the camera saves the image. It does minimal compression to store the file. This results in more information to tweak in post processing and more file size being taken on your memory card. It captures more information so you can recover over exposed highlights, udersxposed shadows and everything in between. A jpeg file assumes how you want the image to look and although they may appear better right out of the camera, you are typically fairly limited to what you can do in post processing after the fact. See what the fuss is about?

     The original image in this video is one that must have survived my instant deleting trigger finger while I was chimping through my photos on site. I instantly realized I didn't properly expose the image, but decided I would keep it as a learning tool. 

      As most photographers do occasionally, I overlooked the aperture on my camera and it resulted in this terribly exposed image. The sky is borderline blown out and the roots of the tree are to the point of under exposure that the texture is lost. 

      I took this terrible image through lightroom 5 and processed my RAW file and was able to get something that may even be worthy of hanging on the fridge with the cool chip clip magnet.

Before....not so sexy. 

After....A little sexier than before. 

     My goal in this video is not to say it is ok to throw exposure triangle out the window, it is to show you that in the event your shot isn't exactly where you thought it may be during the shoot, there is a chance of reviving it through a little Lightroom magic. 

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