Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 Review w/ Sample Photos

    So you are in the market for a wide angle lens! You have looked around and wondered, "The guy at the camera stores only talks the huge brands of lenses and says avoid third party. Are Rokinon/Samyang lenses any good?" You betcha! 

     I purchased a 14mm Rokinon Lens for my Nikon D610 around a year ago and it opened up the world of possibilities to me. I had recently upgraded to a full frame camera and wanted something that went well with it. While this lens will work on cropped sensors with a zoom effect (1.5x - 1.6x depending on brand), it is a full frame cameras perfect match. 

     I started out taking star photos and instantly saw a huge improvement over my other wide angles lenses. After doing some research I found this has great Coma aberration correction. This means that while shooting at light sources, it doesn't distort the shape of the source. This means my star images are more clear because they are circular and not oblong or diamond shaped from coma aberration. 

     I then started incorporating this lens into my professional work with musicians and portraits. I will remind you, this is a wide angle lens and not flattering for portraits most of the time, unless you want an extreme angle and distortion. 

Overall this is a great lens but has two major drawbacks. 

It has a fixed lens hood and you cannot put screw type filters on it. While this isn't terrible for everyone, I don't intend to update my entire filter system to fit this lens at this time.

Also, it is a manual focus only lens, meaning that you have to twist the focus ring to set your focus. This is super easy to do being that it is such a wide angle lens and infinity is relatively close, but is something to consider when purchasing.

You can find the most updates prices of this lens here.

Nikon Version

Canon Version

Thanks so much and be sure to check out the video below to see more on it!



Have a good one, 

-Jonathon Walters