1 Minute Edit : Episode 1 - Underexposed Concert Photography

    Most of the questions I get from fellow photographers are how I edit. I honestly spend such little time editing, because I want to turn in the images from the shoot in as soon as possible. 

     This video is episode 1 of my one minute edit series where I will take different types of photos and edit them in under a minute in real time to show how easy it is to get great photos. 


Every image will be different and on this one specifically I shoot at 3200 ISO, 200MM on my Nikon 80-200 at f/2.8. This lens doesn't have any stabilization so shooting that slow has its own risks. However, if you have a solid focused image and shot in RAW, you can do a lot to save it by following a similar path to what I did in the video. 

Feel free to share you images on my Facebook page that you have corrected. Feel free to show a before and after. 

Have a good one,