Lukas Graham at The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri

     The name may be new to you, but Lukas Graham is going places. He is the definition of hard work and demonstrates what is possible when you focus on your dreams and surround yourself with like minded people. Don't let this young artist fool you, his pop/funk/soulful music is something that is rare to make a break in the music world. His lyrics range from life lessons to fun times, but most importantly resonate with an audience that understands the struggles of thinking about life and trying to become something. 

     One of his biggest hits include grammy nominated, 7 Years, a story about a kid learning lessons from wiser family members. This tune hits that tender part of our wishing we may have listened at a younger age, but knowing that is where the lessons were learned. However, Graham is a lyrical mastermind and has some other incredible songs that are worth noting, such as "Mama Said", "You're Not There", and "Happy Home". 

    Getting to photograph the first three images of his set at The Pageant in St. Louis was such an exciting experience. The crowd was mostly children and teenagers and I feel it is an opportunity for a positive influencer to reach out and inspire them. Life isn't always about good things happening, but often about how you react to less than favorable things happening as Graham conveys in his music. 

    Here is the gallery of images I captured from the set. More will be available at Music and Mayhem shortly. To hear more Lukas Graham, Check out his website here.