4 Minute Music Promo Photo Shoot

4 Minutes.

That is the amount of time from when I took my light out of my car, put it on the stand, walked to the spot we were shooting, composed the shot, and clicked to get the right image. 

4 freaking minutes.

Why only allow myself a mere 240 seconds to take a shot for a band?

One thing I have learned after working with hundreds of artists with Jwalt Photography is, respect their time. There is a million things they could be doing at a show. They could be hanging out with friends and family, meeting with club owners, preparing for their own set, or partying after they have finished their set. See how "spend time with a photographer isn't too high on that list? 

Spending time with a photographer is important because It allows band to get professional photos and help market their image to their fans. It is an incredibly important step, just a frustrating one if they get with someone who doesn't respect their time. 

Were we aiming to do a shoot in 4 minutes? No. We knew they went on next, the sky looked cool, and they had to get back inside to prepare. I knew we would be busy because the venue was packed to the doors and these guys were headlining. 

I anticipated this and pre-set my light stand and soft box. It was good to go. I had my trigger on my Nikon D610 when shooting the live side of the event of the band prior, so I didn't have to run back inside to my bag to grab it.  I knew exactly the shot I wanted, so I knew the lens I needed. I knew exactly where we were going to go because I planned ahead earlier in the day anticipating where the sun would set behind the clouds. 

Everything else was just trying to get friends and fans to stop hugging long enough to shot the photo 10 feet from the venues back door. 

After a few different poses, this is the final image shot out of the camera just 4 minutes after starting. 

Discrepancies  - The Ready Room St. Louis - July 22, 2017

Discrepancies - The Ready Room St. Louis - July 22, 2017

First shot of the shoot.

First shot of the shoot.

Last shot of the shoot. 

Last shot of the shoot. 

     Now before it sounds too rushy, I didn't even realize how quick this went until I got into the editing process of the files. I just remember thinking, "Wow, that didn't take very long at all" and checked the times when editing. The times happened due to respecting the artists time and having a sense of urgency to get them back into the venue. 

    Thank you so much for reading and I hope you were able to take something out of this post. Whether it be a new light on how busy musicians are, how to forward think as a photographer, or just that you achieve cool images in a short amount of time if you are prepared. 

Gear info: 

Camera Body : Nikon D610

Camera Lens: Tokina 11-16 f/2.8

Light: Flashpoint Xplor 600 

Trigger: Flashpoint R2 

Modifier: Glow 28" x 38" Portable Softbox