Raffle Tickets - 40" x 40" Canvas - "County Seat Car Show" - 1 of 1

Raffle Tickets - 40" x 40" Canvas - "County Seat Car Show" - 1 of 1

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I am so excited to announce a one-of-a-kind raffle for the well-received image, “County Seat Car Show” shot by JWALT Photography on October 6th, 2018. The proceeds of this raffle will be donated to the Title Math Department at the Benton Grade School in Benton, Illinois. The goal is to purchase 3 chrome books along with an interactive mathematics program to further support the development of more than 50 math students throughout the year. 

Our title mathematics program is one that introduces interventions to students who need extra support in math. Sometimes minimal support is needed, however, many of our students have as much as 120 minutes a week of intervention time. All of ours goals are individual to our students and fall in line with state standards.  Our goal is to meet with these students in small group settings and deliver engaging instruction to fill in any gaps in mathematical understanding. This is a critical part of our community’s growth and future.  

You can help by purchasing a raffle ticket to own this amazing one of a kind 40” x 40” canvas print. Jonathon Walters, owner of JWALT Photography, is offering a Certificate of Authenticity stating it can never be reprinted on canvas at this size.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to own a piece of Benton history and help more than 50 students in the process.

Tickets are as follows:

$5 each





Drawing will be on 11/11/2018 - Veterans Day

Your order number will serve as your entries, if you buy 50 tickets, your number will be entered into the generator 50 times. The generator will pick an order number/name at random, live on Facebook.

Winner will be drawn live on JWALT Photography’s facebook page.

100% of proceeds will benefit the title math department.

Certificate of Authenticity will state one-of-a-kind with absolutely NO prints on canvas ever permitted in the future in ANY size.

Please direct any question to info@jwaltphotography.com

Thank you for being a part of this amazing community!

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There will be 1 winner.

This is a true one of a kind.

All proceeds will be donated to Benton Grade School Title Math Department.

Winner announced 11/11/2018 - Veterans Day

No ticket limit - We may sell 10, we may sell 1,000. The odds are still amazing.

Approximate Retail Value of 40” x 40” artist print on canvas - $915.17

Canvas is unsigned, can be signed upon request of winner.

Signed Certificate of Authenticity and limited print verification included with winning ticket.

Print must be picked up in Benton, Illinois.

Winner Responsible for pick-up and handling of print.