6 months ago Makanda was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). A tumor/form of brain cancer affecting the brain stem. It wraps around the pons and intertwines with healthy tissue. There is no cure. The median survival rate with standard radiation therapy is approximately 9 months.

 ”The doctors told her father and I on May 11th that there were no options after the radiation and that we would have her with us for around 18 more months at best. Well here we are 6 months later and her clinical status is wonderful!! That is really exceptional to me because I know that it easily could not be this good. I am grateful! The goal is to keep her well! I cannot sit back and wait for a miracle or for the monster to take her from us. I pray that she receives her miracle but have to also be realistic of what we are dealing with. This cancer is considered the deadliest form of pediatric cancer. It is ugly!!! She needs an army behind her right now and will need continued financial support for quite some time. She has so much fight in her and I know that the treatment in Monterrey Mexico will continue to keep her able to fight!!! This is necessary!!! We can’t wait until the tumor progresses. We have to act now and we need you!!! Please help in any way that you can!!! There is HOPE with these treatments!!!
— Makanda's Mother - Sarah

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