I am always looking for photographers to assist and even do shoots for my clients. 

These can range from Real Estate, Weddings, Birthday, Commercial, Music, Product, and More. 

I have reached the max I can do alone and need talented photographers to be able to contract out to do some of these jobs. 

This is not an internship or apprenticeship, you need to be great in your field to do this.

I will help train for specific jobs for right candidates. 

Some of the basic gear you will need:

DSLR CAMERA, Preferably Full Frame (Brand Doesn't Matter)

Sturdy Tripod

Wide Angle Lens (Real Estate/Music)

Real Estate Requires at least 15mm Wide angle Lens on Full Frame

Minimum 11mm on Crop Sensor

Your own transportation

Professional Business Etiquette

Sense of urgency without compromising final product

Events will pay up to $1000 per day, depending on work load and requirements

You will never be asked to do a wedding on your own, only as a second shooter. 

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