Jonathan views his work as a craft. He is constantly working to get the best shots possible. He is knowledgeable and one of the most capable photographers I’ve seen. Not only is his work top notch but he’s a great person too. Look at his photos and you will see.
— Jay, Little Rock, Arkansas


Jon is a superbly talented photographer with an artist’s eye. Something few photographers have. I would highly recommend him for your photography portfolios. Super easy to work with and extremely congenial and hard working. Book him for your next shoot.
— Brian, Benton, Illinois

JWalt Photography is an amazing business!!!! I have had the pleasure to work with him and I couldn’t have asked for better pictures!! This guy is magic with a camera!! If you have a choice to work with anyone this is the guy to pick!!!!
— Jonathan, Benton, Illinois

John has photographed several large scale events for my company, Midwest Music Supply. His work is superb. I highly recommend him for any type photography.
— Chris, Marion, Illinois

John’s work speaks for itself. He is an amazingly talented photographer. He, also, has a heart of gold. I have worked with him personally where he donated his time and talent to raise money for a terminally ill child. He is simply the best. I highly recommend him.
— Robin, Benton, Illinois

Jonathon Walters did an amazing job with the photos of our Benton home. The pre recommendations of decluttering and his timing of daylight were huge factors in catching the beauty of our home. He was so helpful and timely that it was a pleasure to make such a life change in the sale of our home. I could not overemphasize the quality and skill he provided. Thank you again! I think from my memory that I had thousands of hits my first week out there on the internet, all over the country. In the end someone from far away fell in love with our home and we closed very quickly.
— David, Benton, Illinois

Jonathon was fantastic to work with, his ability to work well with the people he is shooting is amazing and he is a fun guy to be around. The turn around on the photos was extremely fast, and the final product is beyond what we could have expected. There is a reason he only has five star reviews!
— Blake, Carbondale, Illinois


I am sincerely jealous of Mr. Walters’ work. Commercial photography - especially concerts and real estate - is a fickle beast; one does not simply waltz into that market and become successful. Those who hire this work are discerning and cut throat, and it takes incredible talent and customer service to land these jobs. The fact that Mr Walters has landed these repeatedly should speak volumes by itself. If there is any doubt, scroll through his images which are nothing short of incredible. There is an attention to detail that is second to none. Hire this man for your real estate photography projects!
— Matthew, Lebanon, Illinois


Jon is an amazingly talented photographer with a WONDERFUL work ethic. A huge problem I have experienced in the past working with other photographers is their lack of dedication to quality (and their lack of knowledge regarding how to get there). I plan to work with Jon much more in the future.
— Stacey, St. Louis, Missouri

Jon recently photographed our home. I was astonished at the results. Had to look twice to make sure it was our home!!! I Highly recommend him as he is conscientious and meticulous!!
— Tony, Benton, Illinois


Jonathon is both an incredible photographer, as well as an equally incredible person. Being able to work with him has truly been an experience, and I could not be more appreciative for everything he’s done.
— Tyler, Troy, Missouri

Jonathon is easily one of the best photographers in town. Super professional and friendly and has an amazing turn around time on his final edits.
— Collin, St. Louis, Missouri

Jonathan did a professional photo shoot for my band Skydweller. He did an outstanding job, put up with our shenanigans, and the photos turned out great. Cool guy and very good at what he does.
— Caleb, Marion, Illinois


Selling your home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Enter Jonathon Walters! He and his assistant were such a joy to have in our home. He was always smiling, positive, helpful, and efficient. He gave us a couple of pointers for staging our home, and the pictures are proof of his fabulous work! We scheduled our first showing in less than 2 hours! We no longer even want to take a selfie without Jonathon Walters there. You are the best!
— Katie, Herrin, Illinois

So nice to work with. Super nice team. Definitely recommend to anyone!
— Heather, Ashley, Illinois

This man is literally the nicest, most down to earth person you could work with in photography. And with so much understanding of the style we are trying to portray everything was a breeze.
— Nathan, Cedar Hill, Missouri

Absolutely the best photographer you can ask for. Professional, easy to work with, and an all around cool guy. Not to mention his phenomenal work which speaks for itself.
— Josh, St. Louis, Missouri

Insanely amazing! Highly recommend!! Guarantee you’ll get the best shots possible.
— Lee, Benton, Illinois